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hey there!

I'm Kristina.

I’m a Mom, Surgical Neurophysiologist, and Lifestyle Photographer in South Florida! Yup, I wear a lot of freaking hats!


 I initially upped my frequency behind the lens after my first baby was born! I had been practicing for years with my DSLR, but once she arrived I wanted to capture every little fleeting moment. I admired her soft baby curls, her beautiful blue eyes, and her chunky little toes. I am sure glad I documented those details because WOW these kids grow up way too quick!

My Vision

I love meeting and working with new families. I am always inspired by each family's unique dynamic which helps to foster my creativity. My clients can probably vouch that even if I come with a plan, I develop so many new ideas once I am in my element.

Once you book a session, we will chat because I want to know ALL THE THINGS that make your family unique- Silly nicknames, your favorite details, sweet-nothings you whisper to your man. Share it all with me. The more I know the real you, the more I can capture the real you.

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 Baby Toes ♥

The smell of Cabbage Patch dolls ♥

Pineapple on pizza ♥

Animal Crackers ♥


Starbucks ♥


Travel ♥


Good wine ♥


Good friends ♥

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Need Help with Styling?

I've got you covered!

The client closet at Forever Young Photography is a carefully selected collection of pieces designed to help you feel and look amazing for your photos. No need to stress about what to wear or having to spend extra money on new clothes for your photo session. All my clients now have access to use of any item in my client closet, with no extra cost.

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We absolutely loved working with Kristina! She took the most amazing photos and added the best edits. She even helped with the outfit selections for our photos! We are beyond happy with the results and will be using her again in the future!"


—  Kristina Belle (March 2021)

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