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Moments from today, Captured for Eternity.


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Hey there, I'm Kristina.

Emotive Lifestyle Photographer

Hi Friends! Thanks for stopping by!


My goal is a simple one; it's to capture your family's genuinely raw loving moments, to stop life in its tracks, and freeze an image that is truly an emotive memory.


I'm not going to direct you to sit and smile at me. Alternatively, my objective is to make every session fun, by gently guiding you into poses, cracking jokes, playing peak-a-boo, and just making you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Quite frequently I have husbands/dads/men show up for their sessions with a sour face, but at the end they say to me, "Wow, that was actually fun." GOAL ACHIEVED! 

Shoot with Me

  • For an expecting mother and/or family
    30 min
  • For passionate couples who want to document their love for one another
    30 min
  • Intimate and emotive in-home newborn session for your family
    1 hr 30 min
  • For Families who want to freeze those treasured, yet fleeting, moments
    30 min
  • Weddings or Special Events! For your MOST exciting moments in life.
    1 hr
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