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Moments from today, Captured for Eternity.


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Hey there, I'm Kristina.

Emotive Lifestyle Photographer

Hi Friends! Thanks for stopping by!


My goal is a simple one; it's to capture your family's genuinely raw loving moments, to stop life in its tracks, and freeze an image that is truly an emotive memory.


I'm not going to direct you to sit and smile at me. Alternatively, my objective is to make every session fun, by gently guiding you into poses, cracking jokes, playing peak-a-boo, and just making you feel comfortable and relaxed. 

Quite frequently I have husbands/dads/men show up for their sessions with a sour face, but at the end they say to me, "Wow, that was actually fun." GOAL ACHIEVED! 

Shoot with Me

  • What happens after I book?
    Well, we just became friends, so we must chat! I want to know all the deets about you and your family; this will help me to capture your true essence! From there, we will decide which location best suits your personality. Once we decide on that, we will begin the styling process. All of my clients have access to borrow anything from my client closet.
  • Do you recommend locations?
    Absolutely. I have shot at many amazing locations in Broward, Miami, and even Palm Beach. You can browse my Portfolio or my Instagram. See something you like? Screenshot it and send it to me! I can also provide you with some examples of shoots I have done at different locations so you can pick what you love most.
  • What is this Client Closet you speak of?
    My client closet is a carefully curated collection (yes, it's a collection for sure) of clothing and accessories that vibe with my artistic style perfectly. I have a large selection for women of various sizes, as well as for infants, toddlers, and children. Men, you're on your own but I always offer suggestions and most things can quickly be purchased on Amazon.
  • What's your best advice for my family session?
    First thing is DON'T STRESS. We are going to have fun. Sometimes the kiddos aren't feeling it at first. Trust me, I know how it is- I have little ones too. I promise that I will make it fun and I will break the ice right away. At some locations, potties may not be plentiful, so I have been known to recommend BYOP (bring your own potty) especially if you're in the toilet training phase. Also, snacks are great if or when we need to resort to bribery. I am known to have mini marshmallows and fruit snacks in my bag, so if you're okay with it, I am game to feed the baby birds!
  • How long after my shoot until I receive my images?
    You should expect to receive a gallery of proofs (lightly edited images) within 3 weeks of your shoot. Once you have made your final selections for editing (the number of photos depends on the package you have selected and/or add ons), your final gallery will be delivered within 2 weeks.
  • Will I receive digitals or prints?
    Your final images will be delivered via online gallery and you are able to download them. I do not include prints, unless specified beforehand. Your online gallery is linked to an amazing lab should you wish to print high quality prints. I highly recommend this route.
  • Where should I print my images from?
    Aside from printing directly from your online gallery, I recommend online consumer labs such as MPix, and MixTiles. I do not recommend 1 hour labs, especially not Walgreens or CVS. I export your prints optimized for a matte photo finish, so if you do print at a lab of your choice, do not select a glossy finish.
  • I loved your work so much! Where do I write a review?
    Oh why thank you! I love reviews! There is absolutely nothing more rewarding to a photographer than hearing words of affirmation from clients. You can leave a review on Google! I would appreciate it immensely!
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